Message from Chairperson's Desk

our_team_2Life is a system of systems. Education plays significant role to enrich all systems of life.
Royal Castle Learning Academy is being established with a Purpose of development of excellent personality of the students. For the Purpose of physical, mental development, students would be motivated to enjoy balance diet and to participate in games, sports, quiz etc at all levels.
Emotional Development is required on the map ofworld everywhere to keep in view every individual in the academy would maintain smile.
As intellectual development is concerned, inculcation of social utility in the personality of every child would be the chief objective ofthe Academy.
Smart Class Digital System too is being introduced to make the teaching learning process interesting and easy.
Parents would be accorded warm welcome with their children to this Academy with this assurance that they would be given Quality education to enrich all areas of development of personality.

* Ms. Anita Chauhan